ScoobyNatural Review

Zoinks! ScoobyNatural is such a Massive hit with 9.6/10 on the IMDb rector scale. This episode got a lot of views, even folks that don’t usually watch Supernatural have viewed this episode calling it “excellent “. ScoobyNatural premiered at the  2018 PaleyFest in Los Angeles, much to the delight of fans. The event took place at … More ScoobyNatural Review

Weekend with Sam

  After doing the article on Sam Winchester, I have spent some time looking at Season 5 to try and pick out some key episodes to further understand the iconic Sam. I have found this process difficult because initially, the writers had thought that Supernatural would be lucky to get 5 seasons (and he we … More Weekend with Sam

Sam Winchester

  Sam Winchester is a complicated character, while Dean is all fun, charisma, and somewhat impulsive, Sam is gentle, thoughtful, and very complicated. From the beginning the drama grabs the viewer, a house on fire with a baby rescued from the flames. He is cute and gentle with his beloved Jess but struggles with the … More Sam Winchester