Leo Awards

The Leo Awards are a Project of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia. Celebrating Excellence in British Columbia Film & Television since 1999 @leoawards.com   Charmaine Clark won the award for Best Hairstyling in a dramatic series. Her work for the episode, The Werther Project, (which is episode 19, Season 10) … More Leo Awards

Jim Michaels

First day of scouting locations for #Supernatural I can tell which seat is mine in the scout Van! @NHLBlackhawks pic.twitter.com/YQeTrszvz0 — Jim Michaels (@TheJimMichaels) June 30, 2016   The excitement has begun for Season 12. First up the two J’s met up with the writers in Los Angeles and now Jim Michaels is sharing he … More Jim Michaels

The Crew in L.A.

Meghan Fitzmartin @megfitz89 shared a photo of some of the crew meeting with Jared and Jensen in Los Angeles. Meghan works as the assistant to the showrunners for Supernatural. Not all the writers are in the shot, but Andrew Dabb, pictured on the far left, and Robert Singer, last man on the right in the … More The Crew in L.A.

The Impala

The above YouTube video is from the last scene of Swan Song, Season 5.   The classic Impala, the unsung hero of Supernatural, has indeed turned heads and left its mark in the series. The 1967 Chevrolet, is important to the family, as it was John Winchester’s later becoming Dean’s car. We first see the … More The Impala

Mary’s Return

  In the finale of Season 11, Sam and Dean reflected at their mother’s grave. Mary was resurrected as a parting gift to Dean for all he has done. Some fans think that Mary’s reintroduction will not have an effect on the storyline, I beg to differ. The writers do use everything at their disposal … More Mary’s Return