Warner Brothers Shop

    We are excited to announce that we’re now affiliated with the Warner Bros Shop in the US. This affiliation program is exciting for us because it will help cover the cost of running the blog and social media plus cover costs for interviews and other special events in the future. Warner Bros Shop … More Warner Brothers Shop

When Life Is Hard

Californian Fires I have debated what to write the past couple of weeks for the blog, I do have articles I want to publish, but the decision to do so has not been an easy one. Part of the conflict for me is the hardship that America and California have seen recently. It would be … More When Life Is Hard

The Scar (spoilers)

  Episode 3 kicks off after laying down some interesting conspiracy theories in episodes 1 and 2. Firstly, Lucifer has left Nick, after an angel blade stabs him. The blade is designed to kill an angel or demon spirit but not necessarily the human host. Nick now loosed from his possession is trying to come … More The Scar (spoilers)

Supernatural News

  Charity The Bad Idea Tour These folks share a heart for compassion and giving as they continue to excel in a groundbreaking show. (Plus some recognition would be useful here looking at you Emmy’s!) Giving is a way of life at Supernatural which is a fantastic way to live to give your life away. … More Supernatural News

How many different versions of Sam and Dean have there been?

          Sam as the Impala in Changing Channels (S05E08) This will be a 2 part article because it took a long time to research and write. Welcome to part 1.   Sam and Dean the babes In the pilot, we see Sam and Dean as babies, Sam in his crib and Dean as a toddler … More How many different versions of Sam and Dean have there been?