Filming Returns to BC

All filming stopped in British Columbid mid-March, 2020, creating a shutdown dilemma. Some shows we’re stopped while filming, as was the case with Supernatural. Jensen Ackles shared the photo above, on his Instagram, on Jared’s birthday. His post shared ”Unfortunately, this is the last pic I have of all of us on set together. Our faces say it all.”

Now, thanks to strict guidelines, which includes face masks, hand sanitiser, and social distancing, filming has returned to British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Sun cracked the story by sharing that Van Helsing had returned to filming in Kamloops B.C. In their article, they shared that the strict guidelines will be enforced. The photo below is the crew of Van Helsing adhering to the guidelines while filming. The picture is courtesy of the Vancouver Sun.

Jensen and Jared are now in Vancouver completing the required 14 days self-isolation. They are keeping themselves busy using the magic of the Internet. They took part in a virtual fan convention (see below) as well as other virtual events.

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