Supernatural Season 3 Poster

Season 3 Poster

Supernatural would release a trailer and poster before the beginning of each season, as a bit of a teaser and preview.

In the season 2 finale, the yellow-eyed demon is destroyed but saving Sam comes at a terrible price.

Season 2 finale. The Dean scene on YouTube .

The poster hints at what’s to come for the season. It shows the car and the crossroads, where Dean made the deal. The background shows a storm moving towards the boys, a representation of the opening of the Devil’s Gate – a portal to hell.

Dean is looking down, as though pondering his pilgrimage over the next year. One year to live and one year to say farewell to Sam, contemplating what matters most to him plus the consequences of that deal for him, personally.

Sam looks directly onward. One year to find a way to save his brother and hunt what it was they let out of the Devil’s Gate. Plus, the usual fight against the ghoulish, unholy, and the supernatural.

The Title Card

As the season begins, each season has a new title card.

Season 3 Title Card

Season 3 title card.

A pair of ghostly skeletal hands appear followed by the Key of Solomon symbol. “Supernatural” then appears with a demonic storm that reflects the opening of the Devil’s Gate in the season 2 finale.

Season 3 Promo

The promo is put out as a teaser, along with the poster. This week as part of Music Monday, in our social media community, we had a look at the song Hells Bells by AC/DC. This song was a great choice, reflecting back on hell breaking out, Deans deal, and the consequences of those choices. It’s also a good summary of season 2 moving into season 3.

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