The Magnificent Seven


The opening episode of season 3, is named after a 1960 Western film, starring Charles Bronson.

The Magnificent Seven (1960)

After demons escape from hell in season 2, we are introduced to a few newbies. The Seven Deadly Sins run havoc, for a white-knuckle episode that takes the fans through some paces.

The similarities bring some exciting trivia, besides a reference to the film, the episode develops into a fight. Sam and Dean go into hiding in an abandoned house. They barricade themselves inside while sharpening their knives, loading their guns, and they prepare for a fight.

Dean loading his gun illuminated only by candlelight.

The abandoned house with only candlelight also echoes times gone by from the Western era.

“What’s in the box?” Dean

Is a continuation of the film theme, referring to the film Seven.

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