Kim Manners

This year marks 11 years since Kim Manners died, but who was he? Manners had a long career in TV, some of his work included Charlie’s Angels, back in the 70s. He then became known to fans who prefer cult TV shows, such as 21 Jump Street, The X-Files, and Supernatural. He also directed a Star Trek Next Gen episode called When The Bough Breaks in 1988.

Kim Manners joined the Supernatural team in the first season. He was good friends with David Nutter, who had also worked on The X-Files. Nutter helped get the pilot of Supernatural off the ground due to the storyline getting reworked and the pilot was rewritten. A lot of effort went into developing Supernatural. The studio said no to a few ideas but gave the idea of 2 brothers on a road trip, hunting things that go bump in the night, the green light. Manners was semiretired and got called in to direct, then join the team.


There is no doubt about the FBI Supernatural and X-Files link.


Episodes he directed include;

* Dead in the water

* Scarecrow

* The Magnificent Seven

* Mystery Spot

* Lazarus Rising




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