Trailer Reaction


The Opening Scene

The opening scene we see a familiar sight, the Impala. Which is a relief, at least the car is still working. The road looks familiar, with that dark foreboding back road look from season 1. I’m liking it so far, with the echoes of season 1.

Welcome To The End

The dramatic Dean makes an appearance. A summary would be “and once again, here we go again, Armageddon “. The dark empty room has echoes of Kim Manners, who was with the show from the beginning. Footprints of The X-Files are throughout Supernatural, even in the pilot with the reference to FBI agent’s “Agent Mulder, Agent Scully” as Dean nods his head to the FBI guys.


Kim Manners worked on The X-Files before Supernatural.

Moving into the trailer a little more, Sam says to Dean “if we win this, we are free.” Sounds promising.

Plus, of course, the FBI dotted through the promo.


As the boys realise that a whole lot of old cases are back, it’s them against the baddies, again. We like those odds.

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