Season 15 Spoilers


This week producer for Supernatural, Jim Michaels, confirmed that Christian Kane would indeed be a part of season 15. After taking to Twitter to say that the Supernatural crew are excited to have Christian as part of season 15, Kane responded light-heartedly with “I was told to keep quiet but…” realising the news of his addiction is out there now.


Not a newbie to the fantasy/horror genre, the Angel (a spinoff of Buffy) character Lindsey McDonald, was played by Christian Kane. In Supernatural, he will be playing Leo Webb who is a former hunter and friend to Dean Winchester. Not surprising we might see some friends of the Winchester’s and Castiel pop up to help after the drama of season 14 finale.

Dean has had times of separation from his Dad and Sam. Two obvious ones are the timeline of Dean’s life while Sam was away trying to live a normal life before their Dad disappearing in the pilot episode. The second is the stint of Dean’s time in the boys home (Bad Boys, season 9 episode 7).

Some details are kept a secret, while fans await the airing of season 15.


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