Legends and Stars Charity Match 2019


Held on Saturday 14th September in Vancouver where Supernatural is filmed the afternoon game went well. The Children’s Hospital is one of the recipients from the match.

Jensen Ackles, Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel/Ezekiel from season 9) and Chris Gauthier (Nightshifter from season 2 and Are you there God? It’s me, Dean Winchester from season 4) took part in the event.



The event took place at the stunning BC Place Stadium, Vancouver B.C. The Stadium has a retractable roof, and the game was catered for by food trucks and beverage companies, offering their services to the charity event.

Other Supernatural regulars, such as Samantha Smith, attended to give support to the match. The event attracted fans, and we also did live tweeting on our Twitter account, giving as much enjoyment and support to the event, on behalf of the fans.





Jensen Ackles, not known for having a quiet personality, created his own rules, while also receiving a red card (red for very naughty person). Despite the craziness the team officially won by a goal, with the overall score been 5 win to 4 for the other side.

With over four hours of tweeting feel free to pop over to Twitter for videos and trivia.



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