First 4 Episode Titles of Season 15 Revealed


As the final season of Supernatural premiere of season 15 is now a few short weeks away, the first 4 episode titles have been revealed.

According to the US airing dates and titles for season 15 are;

  1. 10 October 2019        “Back and to the Future”
  2. 17 October 2019        “Raising Hell”
  3. 24 October 2019       “The Rupture”
  4. 31 October 2019        “Atomic Monsters”


Producer for Supernatural, Jim Michaels shared on his Twitter account that the first episode to be filmed was the 4th episode, Atomic Monsters. The episode was directed by Jensen Ackles, who also helped in scouting for locations.

The images below are the script cover of episode 4 and the first day of filming.

Season 15 will explore free will and the return of some favourite characters. The titles of each episode give us an idea of the story of the week.

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