Supernatural Seattle Convention


Weather events have been crazy the world over, and the U.S. has not been exempt. The recent fan convention for the past weekend in Seattle became part of a severe snow storm. The weather event became a state of an emergency classified event by the U.S. government, and things did get hairy.


Creation Entertainment who run the event issued a statement about day one which was Saturday the 9th of February. In the first announcement, they shared that most panels had been cancelled for the day. For fans who were at the convention centre, Rachel Miner was in attendance and did her panel followed by a Q and A with Megan Padalecki, Jared’s sister, who is an author of children’s books and also a Q and A with Chris Schmelke.



The updates continued the next day with the decision that Sunday would be cancelled as well, which is usually the day that both Jensen and Jared do their panels and other events. Concerts were also cancelled, and ultimately Creation Entertainment offered refunds or credits to fans stating that they wanted people to be safe.


Things did get serious with Misha Collins running his car off the road, stating he was only doing 5mph at the time.



He later added he was okay, updating his status of himself cooking in the kitchen.




Rachel Miner poetically called it “Snowmaggedon” but ultimately we are thankful everyone is safe and that Creation Entertainment had the intelligence to call things off to ensure people stayed safe.


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