Upcoming Fan Conventions


Below is a list of fan conventions over the next few months. If a fan con does not have a Supernatural guest appearing, don’t be shy get busy on social media and request a quest, the organisers are there to put a good fan experience together.

The other advice is some of the big conventions sell out fast. San Diego celebrates 50 years next year and last year sold out the tickets in a few weeks.


October 2018



There are a few international expos that attract the fans, over the next few months there are a few.

Salute to Supernatural Vancouver on 19-21 October 2018

This Supernatural convention is held in the place where Supernatural is filmed and is very popular with fans. Guests include Jared, Jensen, Misha and Rachel Miner will be appearing.

Check it out at Salute to Supernatural


New Zealand

Armageddon Expo in Auckland is also on 19-22 October 2018.

This event is shaping up nicely to be a fun packed fan experience, and they have come to the party with some Supernatural guest.

Check it out at Auckland Armageddon






Supanova Expo, while it doesn’t have any Supernatural guests, it is still good for some fan fun. They are on social media, and maybe if enough fans ask, they might eventually get on the Supernatural bandwagon.

Adelaide is on 2-4 November 2018

Brisbane is on 9-11 November 2018

Check it out at Supanova Expo






AHBL Xmas 4: Secret Santa is a Supernatural fan convention held in Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney  is on 1st December 2018

Melbourne is on 2nd December 2018

Check it out at AHBL Xmas 4: Secret Santa




The Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2019 tickets are now up. This convention is another popular international event that the fans love to do and is on many bucket lists. It is also a bit special because it is a 4-day event.

Las Vegas is on 28-31 March 2019


Check it out at Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2019


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And our Twitter at Supernatural Down Under




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