How many different versions of Sam and Dean have there been?

          Sam as the Impala in Changing Channels (S05E08)

This will be a 2 part article because it took a long time to research and write. Welcome to part 1.


Sam and Dean the babes

In the pilot, we see Sam and Dean as babies, Sam in his crib and Dean as a toddler (ish).

It isn’t the last time we see them as very young children.



Later on in season 1 the episode Something Wicked (S01E18) the story really delves into Sam and Dean’s childhood. It is a few years since their mom has died and John is a father to 2 young boys. The story flashes back between their childhood and as young adults hunting a monster. It is an excellent story, plus we get to see Sam as a young child, with Dean a few years older.



Teenage Years

16-year-old Dean spends some time in boys home. Bad Boys (S09E07) sees Sam and Dean visit a boys home that is haunted by a ghost, while Dean clears the attic in his mind and some ghosts of his past.




Then the boys attending a high school in Fairfax, Indiana. After School Special (S04E13) is an amazing episode blending comedy, their complicated lives and giving us a glimpse into the boys dealing with high school issues.


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