Celebrity Gossip Time


With the premiere of season 14 more than a few weeks away, it is time to take a closer look at a few key characters and the actors behind them.

In season 13, we saw the introduction of a new character Sister Jo/Anael, the storyline is involved as Anael is a self-centred character who will align and do anything for her own goals. These goals of Anael’s are not exactly set in stone, other than she is doing what she wants.

The character Anael is played by Jensen Ackles (Dean) wife, Danneel Ackles.




Outside of the Supernatural story, Danneel is kept busy. Sharing her favourite outfit above for charity, she rocks it in denim, she regularly pops up sharing posts on her Instagram account of attending fashion parades, going to music festivals, and her love of fashion all around.

Danneel is kept busy with 3 children, their oldest is a girl and then followed by twins. Jensen recently mentioned when she was filming in Vancouver, he was home in Texas looking after their family. Nice to see some equality rocking there.

Her husband and herself have now branched out into a business selling craft beer at their Family Business Beer Company

Set on 15 acres of beautiful hill country in Texas, their new business looks impressive.




According to the sign above that Danneel is holding, she can also add painting to her repertoire, as she has had to replace signs that have been taken. I would hazard a guess that it is probably fans who are taking the sign as a collector’s piece, could be a chance for her to sell some with the beer.

Either way, Danneel will be back for season 14 as Anael.


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