Dinner with DJ Qualls

I had this article initially published on Get Your Gorgeous On


DJ Qualls as Garth on Supernatural



I first heard of DJ Qualls, when my eldest goddaughter, Kimberley, had a teen love crush on him. The New Guy movie was newly released and seemed to be playing a lot in the family room with herself glued to the spot adoring DJ. Kimberley had always had a thing for guys who had personality, a bit of sensitivity and fun thrown in. She was hooked.

A few years later I had the opportunity to discuss Kimberley’s girl crush with some Supernatural fans, he became the focus of some interesting conversations and was soon appearing on the TV show Supernatural during the later noughties. DJ has recently performed in the Amazon Prime hit series The Man in the High Castle.




I had the opportunity to attend a fan panel and dinner with DJ Qualls where I found him to be considerate of sharing his time and stories with his fans. I can add without a shadow of a doubt, that he is not dull, he has had an exciting life and a varied career, including modelling for Prada. He shared his opinions and interest in Art, adding that he had had the opportunity to go to National Gallery of Victoria, where a few pieces had taken his attention and he had organised a viewing for another day.

Qualls began his career modelling, his modelling career also included the house of Prada, which is nothing to be sniffed at. He has enjoyed different cultures, travel and meeting a variety of people because of his choice in what he does for a living. I found him to be of a substantial presence taking in his surroundings plus being opinionated about his hobbies, he is anything but dull.


DJ Qualls has done modelling for Prada


The following day I also had attended his Q and A panel, in Melbourne. He shared various anecdotes of growing up in Tennessee and held a spur of the moment fan giveaway using multiple items he had at hand.


Overall he gets what he does, he engages well with those around him and is generous with his time. I hope he will be around for some time as I witnessed the joy he brings to his fans and the exceptional quality that he has as a talented actor.


If you would like to know more about DJ and Supernatural, you can read an interview here on Supernatural Wiki.



Thank you goes to Oz Comic-Con who hosted the event and allowed me to attend using a media clearance.

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