Weekend with Sam


After doing the article on Sam Winchester, I have spent some time looking at Season 5 to try and pick out some key episodes to further understand the iconic Sam. I have found this process difficult because initially, the writers had thought that Supernatural would be lucky to get 5 seasons (and he we are looking at an upcoming Season 13) because of that Season 5 is full of Easter eggs and small details that make for a fantastic season.

My verdict is take a weekend to enjoy Supernatural or some time over the week to get into Season 5 and uncover some exciting things about Sam. As the season unfolds, we discover the true identity of the Trickster and Crowley becomes part of the show too. There is an excellent episode in The Real Ghostbusters where Sam and Dean end up at a fan convention about the books Supernatural Carver Edlund which is an-all time classic because the fan experience is part of Supernatural with fan conventions like Comic-Con becoming more popular all the time.

For Sam, we discover the plans that Heaven and Hell have for his life plus the manipulation to try and bring those ideas to life. Sam is conflicted as he explores his relationship with his brother Dean, how he feels about free will, the plans of others for his life and consequences to choices made along his journey which must have indeed felt like a pilgrimage for Sam during this time.

All the episodes come together to see some issues in Sam’s life resolved, while we watch his character mature in his understanding of who he is all the while dealing with the possible unfolding of the apocalypse around him. I enjoyed viewing these episodes again as I got glimpses into struggles and characters that later shape Supernatural. As a fan taking the time to watch Season 5 will help answer questions that had lingered for a few years about Sam. What had his father shared with Dean in his time of dying? How does Dean feel about his brother, plus their relationship and the struggles they have experienced as brothers?

Enjoy this one as looking behind and forward we see Sam blossom.



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