Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester


Sam Winchester is a complicated character, while Dean is all fun, charisma, and somewhat impulsive, Sam is gentle, thoughtful, and very complicated.

From the beginning the drama grabs the viewer, a house on fire with a baby rescued from the flames. He is cute and gentle with his beloved Jess but struggles with the darkness within. Over a 5 to 6 year period we see Sam’s fear of clowns plus some major struggles along the way, including possession. The future the devil wishes for him is dark with light and dark battling around him, the love and courage of those around him to win his battle.

Dean has the character that anyone would follow, with an impetuous energy about him encouraging those around to live life, party and have a good time, Sam contemplates things in a different fashion. Both complement the other, as ones strength is there for the other’s weakness.


We will look at the first 5 seasons first to get an overview of Sam’s character.


1. Pilot

An introduction to the Winchester family, a fan favourite, setting the back story plus the relationships within the family are interesting at this point.

2. Shadow

Family relationships and issues come to a head. Stuff that Sam has been struggling with comes out and the demon that the family has been hunting emerges into their story a little bit more. ( Season 1, Episode 16)

3. Devil’s Trap

The cliffhanger for Season 1 was indeed intense. The huge finale we see Sam defend his family in a powerful, emotional moment. His loyalty to his loved ones when the chips are down shines through. ( Season 1, Episode 22)

4. In My Time of Dying

The answer to a lot of those questions from the previous cliffhanger, Sam fights for his beliefs and butts heads with everyone. Butting heads does seem to be a Sam thing, soft and gentle yet stubborness and his opinion shine through. (Season 2, Episode 1)

5. Born Under a Bad Sign

This one is electric, where if I had the power to I would have bestowed an award to Jensen and Jared for this one. The seriousness of the challenges Sam is to face starts to reveal itself, this one is personal and scary. The consequences for this story follow the boys for a while and to get that one the whole of the season would need to be watched from this point. ( Season 2, Episode 14)

6. All Hell Breaks Loose

This one is a double episode, a lot of loose ends come together, Sam is stretched along with Dean. The brothers loyalty is again seen with Sam taking a lot on his shoulders for the end of Season 2. ( Season 2. Wpisodes 21 and 22)

7. Bad Day at Black Rock

Humour shines through in this episode with the introduction of Bella who is a key for this season. Sam’s humour is big on this plus it is a bit gruesome. ( Season 3, Episode 3)

8. Jus in Bello

Bella pops up again with Sam is dealing with dark forces and the FBI become involved. (Season 3, Episode 12)

9. The Monster at the End of This Book

The big discovery that Sam’s struggles are not a coincidence. ( Season 4, Episode 18)

10. Lazarus Rising and Lucifer Rising

Sam’s involvement with others threatens his fate, consequences are at a high and the ending huge for this season. The beginning and end of this season set the show for many years to come in these 2 episodes ( Season 4, Episodes 1 and 22)


This article will be continued over for Season 5 as we explore that complex Sam Winchester.







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