Supernatural: Is Adam Still in Hell?

winchester brothers

In every family there are topics that are guaranteed to start an argument.  For instance, in my family “The Facebook Incident of ’11” is never to be brought up unless someone wants to be hit with a chair at the dinner table in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner… it’s the reason that I’m STILL not friends with certain members of my family on Facebook (it’s just better that way because unfortunately it IS my circus and they ARE my monkeys).   In the SPN Family, one of those topics is …. Adam in the Cage.

It’s one of those plot threads that you can pick at and pick at until the whole rug falls apart… if ya want.

And I do want… and I’m sort of in the mood to see some furniture fly.

For those way in the back… There’s a third Winchester brother.  His name is Adam Milligan…

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