Supernatural Christmas Special



Pretty much anyone who knows me knows I’m a Supernatural fan. There was something about the show from the first time I watched it that screamed ‘cult TV,’ that idea sat well with me because I’ve never been one to follow the crowd and my other favourite shows, such as Star Trek and Buffy, had evaporated. There was a bit of a void and in walked Supernatural, full of fun times, laughter and of course a bit of gore. Excellent.

This week on the blog we are looking at our favourite episodes and characters, so I thought I would put this one out there for good measure and explain why it appeals to me. I also like to binge watch shows a bit when I have a bit of time to myself.

A Very Supernatural Christmas is a favourite episode of mine, I like how it starts with moving lights and the music to lift it as the word “Special” begins the episode. That makes me laugh to begin with, ah yes, the cheese is dripping off the screen, how I loved vintage TV and those crazy special presentations. The other clincher for me is that music and lights go hand in hand with Christmas, so that works for me too.

I like how the show moves into a serene Martha Stewart moment, so gooey and yet clean, the house has an aura of even the cobwebs would come to visit but not stay because that would be rude. Everything is so picture perfect. For me it reminds me of how Christmas was celebrated at my grandparent’s house, everything nicely decorated, sweet things to munch on and my Grandmother was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Lovely.



But now as an adult I’ve had years when I have indeed enjoyed Christmas, ironically those also seem to be the years when I didn’t have to entertain, put up too many decorations and make an effort but rather go out with friends and do a bit of shopping. I work and all that stuff feels like work, ugh no thanks. So when Supernatural did a Christmas special, I thought, I can relate, well except for all the murder and mayhem. Mostly the imperfection appeals, I think, not that I have decorated with car fresheners shaped as trees, but hey whatever gets your jingle bells happy I guess.

For me it’s the imperfections of this episode that I like, Sam and Dean’s life is not perfect, they have their struggles while they are trying to solve another case and rid the world of another evil. I also liked how some of the culprits they picked were a bit obvious but in the end, it’s the twist that is interesting. They have one of their brotherly chats, which was a significant conversation and finish off with a Christmas tradition of putting aside differences. I like the retro take on it, the humour and poking a bit of fun at the commercialisation of Christmas. Give me a few dents any day.




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