Something About Mary



Mary Winchester is a pivotal character to Supernatural, her death is the reason John becomes a hunter. Her death is seen in the pilot when the demon Azazel kills her in Sam’s nursery. She has been resurrected in the ending of season 11, this is where the story for season 12 could get interesting. Some fans think it is a thank you gift but we don’t really know that yet, in a big twist it might not even be Mary, whatever it is nobody knows yet.



A lot of fans have a soft spot for Mary, her story is woven throughout Supernatural from conversations to pictures of her from the boys past. Some consider her a bit of a badass and cool, others have a general fondness for her because of who she is. Either way, it will be interesting to see what will happen in Season 12.

Mary appears in the following episodes;

  1.  Pilot
  2. Home
  3. What Is and What Should Never Be
  4. All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1
  5. In The Beginning
  6. When The Levee Breaks
  7. The Song Remains The Same
  8. Dark Side Of The Moon
  9. Mommy Dearest
  10. Alpha an Omega


Mary’s story is interesting, including the back story of her family life and her relationship with John, these episodes are worth watching for a bit of background. A more in-depth analysis of Mary Winchester is available on Wikia. Being current on Mary’s story will also help in Season 12 for references that may come up.

If you have Netflix, most of these seasons are available at the moment, except Season 11 which usually goes up a couple of days before the new season begins.



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