Seven days of Supernatural



While Supernatural is on hiatus, it can get a bit sad waiting for the new season. The next best thing is to have a viewing event, something that is a bit of fun and there are some ideas over on our Something About Mary post.

Here are 7 days of Supernatural fun with a weekend bonus. Enjoy with friends or without, some munchies or your bestie (favourite pet). Enjoy!


  1. Are you a Sam fan or Dean fan? Watch your favourite episode that features either Sam or Dean the most.
  2. Pick the episode with your favourite monster or ghost.
  3. An episode that scares you the most. Zingfy has a Halloween list to help find that special episode or try these on Complex.
  4. Favourite Bobby episode, maybe Weekend at Bobby’s? (s06ep04)
  5. Favourite Meg Masters episode. We first met her in Scarecrow (s01ep11).
  6. Watch an episode with your favourite character.
  7. Pick the episode that makes you laugh out loud the most.


Bonus; get up to date on some story-lines for the upcoming season. It could be all the Men of Letters episodes or Mary Winchester. Feel free to comment on Facebook or below to share your favourite episodes or any questions. Just be aware of spoilers, in case some people are new and haven’t watched it yet.



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