The Impala

The above YouTube video is from the last scene of Swan Song, Season 5.


The classic Impala, the unsung hero of Supernatural, has indeed turned heads and left its mark in the series. The 1967 Chevrolet, is important to the family, as it was John Winchester’s later becoming Dean’s car.

We first see the Impala, in the pilot of Supernatural, when in tragic circumstances they have lost so much but the Impala remains. Dean affectionately calls the car ‘Baby.’ It is a given that the gender of a car is usually referred to as a female, don’t ask me why, I am not that good a historian.

There are some key episodes for the Impala, the pilot and the last episode of Season 1. Then the first episode of Season 2. Changing Channels (episode 8 of Season 5) gives a particular persona to the car that sums up the quiet achiever of ‘Baby.’ The final episode of Season 5 brings a new depth to the relationship the boys have with each other and the importance of their car in their lives.

Season 11 brought about episode 4 title Baby, which is an episode entirely from the car’s point of view. This touch of the car’s perspective is another fabric in the life of this story. Throughout the itinerant lifestyle of Sam and Dean, the Impala is continuity for them. A hiding place and certainty when all else around them fails or is just plain crazy.

The episodes worth watching to revisit the importance of the Impala are;

  1. The Pilot
  2. Devil’s Trap, episode 22 of Season 1
  3. In my Time of Dying, episode 1 of Season 2
  4. What is and What should Never Be, episode 20 of Season 2
  5. Lazarus Rising, episode 1 of Season 4
  6. In the Beginning, episode 3 of Season 4
  7. Changing Channels, episode 8 of Season 5
  8. Swan Song, episode 22 of Season 5
  9. Two and a Half Men, episode 2 of Season 6
  10. Baby, episode 4 of Season 11

This list is not the be all and end all of important Impala episodes, but it does give a good foundation if you are a new viewer.


The Impala has great emotional value for Dean, which is seen in those episodes, there is also a change of licence plates along the way.



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