Mary’s Return

Season 11


In the finale of Season 11, Sam and Dean reflected at their mother’s grave. Mary was resurrected as a parting gift to Dean for all he has done.

Some fans think that Mary’s reintroduction will not have an effect on the storyline, I beg to differ. The writers do use everything at their disposal to bring a good story arch together. Other than appearances from Mary scattered here and there over the years, her presence in this story is significant.

We now know that her family, the Campbell’s, when it was revealed in Season 4, that they were hunters. Will she be of help to Sam and Dean or will something else happen, as it often does?

The major episodes for Mary Winchester are the pilot, Home (episode 9 of season 1) and In the Beginning (episode 3 of season 4). In Season 6, we got to know the Campbell family a little better as they became part of the story arch that year. Jared’s acting carried off the creepier side of Sam in a believable way, as the story turned a bit darker for the brothers.

After many years of Mary and the Campbell’s appearing and disappearing in Sam and Dean’s lives, it would be hard to believe that this story could get dry, that there is no more room to get to know Mary and her relationship with her sons, a little better.

In other news, Jeremy Carver has stepped down as the showrunner. He has been replaced by Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer.

Robert Singer has been involved with Supernatural since 2005, not forgetting the joke about the character Bobby Singer and naming a character after himself.

Andrew Dabb appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con last year, his involvement with Supernatural goes back to 2008.


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