Wrap up for Supernatural Season 11



Jared Padalecki tweeted on his Twitter account @jarpad

“Thank U for making our season 11 wrap so special & AMAZING! See U soon!

Jared and Jensen have done a fantastic job with their characters for this show, as it heads for Season 12. The people around them that support and work on the show are a credit to its success.

The cliffhanger was excellent, as Mary Winchester was raised from the dead in the episode “Alpha and Omega”. Of course, that has started speculations as the fans discuss their theories of where that story line will go in Season 12.

Mary Winchester’s return to her son’s lives is an interesting twist. Mary’s resurrection will be looked at in another post as to what this all could mean and some of the possible scenarios.

“Alpha and Omega” also introduced a new character Lady Antonia Bevell. Obviously, we will see a bit more of her in Season 12.

Another twist to add to the end of the season was the Men of Letters stepping into Sam and Dean’s life. The Men of Letters storyline for the next season does appear to be a challenge for the Winchester brothers. It raises a lot of questions.

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